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The Truffle

Thanks to its unique flavour, the truffle will make your simplest hot or cold dishes sumptuous ones, whether grated finely, crushed, as peelings or in juice form. Simplicity is the golden rule for capturing and savouring all the subtleties of the truffle, so as not to mask its aroma with complicated taste combinations, because the truffle is a jealous thing that will not allow any competition. To taste as best as possible these products, we offer you some advice provided by great lovers of the black diamond


Tuber Melanosporum

Grown in the south of France, but also in Spain, Australia and Italy, it is one of the most popular Truffle.

More or less round in shape, this truffle may reach, or even exceed, the size of an apple, although its weight does not usually surpass the 60g mark.Its skin bears pyramid-shaped scales and the colour of the flesh changes from grey to a black with fine white veins when mature. A good truffle should be firm to the touch.

Season : from december to march


Tuber Magnatum Pico

Also known as the « Piedmont Truffle », its skin is smooth and yellow. Its flesh can vary from white to reddish brown, with fine white veins. It gives off a scent of garlic or shallot.

This truffle prefers moist, humid areas and chiefly grows in northern and central Italy, and to a lesser extent in Croatia.

Season : From october to december


Tuber Aestivum

Also referred to as « Saint John’s Truffle », its outer appearance is similar to that of the melanosporum, although it may grow to be larger and firmer. Its white-veined flesh ranges in colour from yellow to grey. It is harvested from the same truffle fields as the melanosporum. It is also cultivated in Spain and Italy.

Season : from may to august


Tuber Brumale

Also called the « Musky Truffle » Its size rarely exceeds that of an egg. Compared to the Melanosporum Truffle, its black skin has no glints of red and is easy to remove once scrubbed. maturity, its dark grey flesh contains white veins that are more pronounced but fewer in number than the melanosporum. It grows in an environment similar to the Melanosporum and during the same period.

Season : from december to march

Truffle from Burgundy

Tuber Uncinatum

Also known as the « Grey Truffle ». With an appearance and skin similar to that of the summer truffle, its shape is most often round and its flesh takes on a chocolate hue streaked with white veins at maturity.

As its name would indicate, this truffle grows in Burgundy, but also in Champagne, Lorraine and Franche-Comté. However, it grows first and foremost in Italy.

Season : from december to januaryr

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