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  • 1932 - 

    Thus was born Maison de la Truffe in 1932, the jeweler providing this culinary diamond to the most delicate palates in France and abroad, offering multiple varieties of truffles and truffle products. Brokers are the people on whom the sale of truffled, or « rabasse » in the local dialect, depends. They act as intermediaries between truffle finers and packers/retailers, who visit the markets to identify the best truffles, thanks to their experience and ancestral know-how. It was this know-how and experience on the ground that enabled Maison de la Truffe to instantly establish itself as a luxury reference for quality ; its shop on Place de la Madeleine has since become a meeting place for gourmets. Brokers in the famed town of Carpentras, know and renowned for its traditional wholesale truffle market, had the (excellent) idea of creating Maison de la Truffe to sell their truffles directly to Parisians.

  • 1978 - 

    In 1978, Guy Monier, a chef by trade, took over the house and pursued its development by creating a tasting area and by transforming Maison de la Truffe into a veritable luxury food shop.

  • 2007 - 

    Taken by the Kaspia Group, Maison de la Truffe accelerate its development harmoniously by combining tradition and creativity.

  • 2012 - 

    La Maison de la Truffe celebrates its 80th anniversary.

  • 2016 - 

    In September 2016, Maison de la Truffe opened its first Atelier at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet in Paris. Invitation for a five senses journey around the precious mushroom, l’Atelier Maison de la Truffe offers a new concept around Truffle and Street Food, where the black diamond can be tasted in and out.

  • 2022 - 

    The Atelier Maison de la Truffe is located next to the Parisian Flagship. There, you will find a welcoming and gourmet space signed L’ Atelier Maison de la Truffe. A snack menu where dishes can be enjoyed on site at any time in a friendly atmosphere at the counter or around a large shared wooden table, but also when the weather is suitable in the sun on the terrace facing the church building of the Madeleine. A specially designed take away option is also available. A grocery area brings together the flagship products of Maison de la Truffe but also many other references.